Innovative Strategies. Practical Solutions.

Marketing Strategy
Do you have an idea you would like to develop and implement? Do you need to refresh your existing strategy? It’s exciting to take a step back and see the big picture. I can help you think though your differentiators then develop and execute marketing strategies to support your business goals. To find out more, get in touch.

Website Development and Digital Marketing
Does your website need a refresh? Are you taking advantage of your brand’s key messages to earn organic search opportunities? I have managed multiple new website creations, written website content and developed strategy to keep site visitors longer and encourage repeat visits.

Business Development Coaching
Do you need guidance and discipline in activating your business development plan? I work one on one with professionals to develop and implement strategic, realistic plans to create new business opportunities.

Business Writing, Content Creation & Communication
Do you want to elevate your brand and gain more visibility in your industry, community or profession? Effective business communication opens doors and enhances your profile. I work closely with you to create content that will convey your thought leadership to target audiences on varying platforms.

RFP Writing & Business Pitching
Do you want more and better business opportunities? Business pitching is labor intensive but can yield significant long-term clients, if done right. I will coordinate all aspects of written and oral business presentations including drafting of formal RFP responses.

Project Management
Managing projects can be challenging while juggling day to day work responsibilities. My job is to make your job easier by deftly handling all types of marketing projects from start to finish. I’m a reliable professional whose years of professional services marketing and community affairs provides insights, opportunities and added value. Get in touch today to explore how I can assist your team.

Public Relations and Influencer Engagement
Do you want to become better engaged with key media and take advantage of social media? I can assist through creative relationship building and purposeful content delivery across industry and media channels targeting audiences locally, nationally and by industry verticals. Drafting and delivering press releases when appropriate, creating media strategy for pitches, and handling crisis communication.

Case Studies & Award Submissions
How do you share good news with existing clients, prospects and referral sources? Case studies and industry recognition are tried and true methods for communicating successes and staying “top of mind”. I interview the players, develop the strategy, draft the content, and manage the submissions.

Community Relations and Public Policy Issues Management
Do you want to do well by doing good in your local community? Let me help you evaluate opportunities and recommend cost-effective strategies for community engagement to support your business goals.

Brand Promotion
What is your brand? How are you communicating it to your prospects and referral sources? Let me help you identify opportunities and implement strategies to increase your brand’s awareness and favorability with your target audiences.

Event Strategy and Management
Face to face interactions are still a fundamental tool in your business development toolbox. I can help design and execute events with appropriate activations to achieve branding, engagement and business development goals as well as identify appropriate co-sponsors for strategic partnerships.