Case Studies of Previous Work

New Website – Beaconcouncil.com – This data-rich, modern website offers real time economic and demographic data and humanizes the work of economic development. GIS planning tools were integrated throughout the site with real time data, resources, and statistics to enhance a visitor’s length of visit (“stickiness”) and increase repeat traffic. New sections such as “The Perfect Miami-Dade City Awaits”enhances strategic partnerships with key stakeholders and provides job statistics, neighborhood amenities, and educational choices for business leaders considering locating in Miami-Dade. An interactive small business resource guide makes it easy for small businesses to access community resources. The new site is optimized with tags and content designed to enhance search success.
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Building & Diversifying the Law Firm

The Becker law firm was transitioning from its founding practice areas to an expanded portfolio of client services. We needed to communicate that message externally to broad audiences to lay the groundwork for the evolution of the firm.

Creative advertising, unique promotional events, and leading edge thought leadership in new market segments helped the firm grow and diversify its practice base and client roster. The new firm image also changed the firm’s perception in the legal marketplace helping to attract lateral lawyers and acquire small law firms. More traditional marketing including seminars, newsletters and client appreciation programs provided ongoing opportunities for business development, cross selling and client retention. View examples


Content for New Law Firm Website

New law firm needed complete website content created in five days.  The site was up and running on budget and on time.

MDBC Annual Report
Each year, Beacon Council created an annual report to showcase the organization’s results and recognize community leaders for their hard work and dedication to the organization. Target audiences include public and private sector stakeholders.
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Florida Communities of Excellence 
Strategic industry partnerships and bold innovative thinking helped the Becker law firm stay at the forefront of its traditional core practice, Community Association Law. The law firm created the Florida Communities of Excellence program with The Florida Community Association Journal and industry leaders representing property management, insurance, accounting, and other supporting industries. The Florida Communities of Excellence Award represented the pinnacle of achievement for community associations in Florida. The award was the first and only comprehensive, independent recognition program for community associations. The year-long program and annual all day awards celebration provided countless opportunities for Becker lawyers to connect with clients, potential clients and referral sources about successfully run communities. For winning communities, the designations became a point of pride and a powerful sales tool – especially important during the recession years. The program enabled top communities to promote their accomplishments and raise their profiles while documenting their success and enabling others to learn from their examples through a best practices compendium.

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New MDBC Logo Strategy – The Council needed to communicate its new mission in a fresh, creative and memorable way while taking advantage of Miami’s strong brand appeal. Until this time, Miami-Dade was not included in the organization’s branding.
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Diversity as a Law Firm Differentiator
Diversity is one of the Becker law firm’s greatest strengths. A diverse group of  lawyers and lobbyists known as the “Dream Team” was organized and promoted to help clients better understand the value of working with a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural team of professionals, and help further differentiate the firm from its competitors. The group participated in conferences, media opportunities and thought leadership platforms.

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Miami Fast Facts – A campaign was launched to create “Miami Ambassadors” by providing simple facts and data to local leaders about how the community has grown as a business destination. Local leaders were encouraged to share these easily repeatable facts on social media, for “elevator pitches” and communications purposes.
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Advantage Miami – This annual publication was restructured, re-branded and re-positioned to provide a fresh, contemporary view of Miami’s assets and promoting key data points illustrating Miami’s business advantages. The revamped publication resulted in accolades, recognition, and increased advertising revenue.

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Get to Know the New Miami – A compilation of Miami’s impressive national and international rankings as a top business destination for paid media opportunities on multiple platforms.
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Miami Means Business video – Demonstrating Miami as a business destination is the foundation for the Miami-Dade Beacon Council’s economic development messaging. This video features Miami- based companies, large and small, assisted by Beacon Council and inviting company leaders from around the country and the world to experience success in Miami-Dade. The video was translated into multiple languages for foreign platforms.

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Key Ceremony Business Opportunity Map – As a county-wide organization, it was always very important to demonstrate the geographic distribution of new and expanding businesses. This first-of-its kind map, with detailed company information, helped illustrate the organization’s support for geographic diversity during the newly-branded Annual Meeting & Key Ceremony.  The celebration was  transformed into an interactive business expo honoring new and expanding companies to encourage greater personal connections between community leaders and the new Miami business executives.
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Miami-Dade Beacon Council (MDBC) Fundraising Kit – MDBC needed fresh messaging, a contemporary value proposition, and inclusive engagement strategy to increase revenues and strengthen investor participation. New collateral was developed introducing higher levels of investment with enhanced investor benefits to encourage new investment and retain existing investors to support the organization’s mission.
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